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BWI has decades of experience fabricating custom industrial catwalks, handrails, stairs, ladders, guard rails, and access platforms. To safely access storage and machinery it is often necessary for an industrial facility to install these products. If you have engineered designs for industrial safety fabrications, we can offer a free quote. If you do not have designs the professionals at BWI can design and fabricate OSHA complaint fabricated metal products. We work with steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized materials. This includes bar grating, grip strut, and specialty sure-grip ladder rungs. Every factory, mine, manufacturing plant, and storage facility encounters distinct situations requiring OSHA compliant safety and access fabrications. Unique is our specialty.

Safety Access

Handrail Access Platforms
Catwalks Stair Sections
Ladders Guardrails
Crossovers Handicap Ramps

Commercial and Residential

BWI can fabricate custom railings and stairs that meet the IBC (International Building Code) or IRC (International Residential Code) standards. This includes but is not limited to; warehouse or factory office access stairways, balcony railings, building access guard rails, deck or patio railings, and handicap ramp handrails. We can build steel, aluminum, or stainless-steel railings per your specific requirements. Contact BWI for a free quote.


OSHA compliant railing
osha compliant railing
door access platform with railing
door access platform
aluminum access platform
door access platform
industrial crossover stair section
crossover stair section
storage tank platform
aluminum hydraulic tanks
aluminum access ladder
aluminum access ladder
aluminum roll out gangway
roll-out gangway
steel pipe railing
steel pipe railing
ladder with safety cage on modern building
ladder with safety cage
industrial stairs with mid platform
warehouse office access stairs
low view of catwalk and railing
bar grating catwalk with railings
crossover stair railings
aluminum crossover frame sections
property line fencing painted black aluminum
black aluminum property line fencing
guardrail in yard over stairwell
guardrail over stair well
outdoor access ladder at factory building
building access stairs
fire exit access stairs at large factory building
emergency exit stairs
industrial walkway between ventilation pipes
ventilation system access walkway
aluminum access stairs side entry
side entry aluminum access stairs