Metal Fabrication Services

BWI has been providing welding repair, metal fabrication, and portable welding services in Duluth, Superior, northern Minnesota and Wisconsin since 1984. We have decades of experience fabricating and repairing steel, aluminum, and stainless steel industrial products. All work at BWI is performed by AWS certified welders and welding procedures conform to OSHA and ASME standards. Our metal fabrication abilities include but are not limited to MIG and TIG welding, cutting, shearing, drilling, machining, forming, shape cutting, punching, and powder-coat finishing. Jobs large and small, building or repairing, manufacturing and prototyping, from CAD 3-D renderings through the final product BWI can handle all of your steel, aluminum, and stainless steel project requirements.


welding - crossover stair section

Crossover Stair Section

welding - catwalk section

Catwalk Section

welding - shipping cabinet

Shipping Cabinet

welding - portable coolant tank

Portable Coolant Tank

welding - aluminum fire training pan

Aluminum Fire Pan

welding - stainless steel filter

Stainless Steel Filter

welding - bio material spheronizing machine

Bio Material Spheronizer

aluminum industrial machine hubs

Aluminum Machine Hubs

stainless steel pipe offsets

Stainless Pipe Offsets

industrial grease tanks

Wing Maintenance Cart

BWI can manufacture custom tanks of most any kind. This includes rectangular, cylindrical, tapered bottom, tote tanks, double-wall, and uneven shaped tanks. For over three decades BWI has been manufacturing tanks for the fuel and lubricant industries including tank racks, tank carts, and containment pans. We have made everything from 2 gallon hydraulic tanks up to 10,000 gallon bulk storage. In addition - for the trucking industry - we have repaired, patched, or split hundreds of fuel tanks over the years. Please contact us for pricing and expertise on your text steel, aluminum, or stainless steel tank project.

  • Oil Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Gasoline Tanks
  • Grease Tanks
  • Lubricant Tanks
  • Hydraulic Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Rectangular Tanks
  • Cylindrical Tanks
  • Tapered Tanks
  • Stackable Totes
  • Bench Top Tanks
  • Tank Carts
  • Containment Pans
tapered outlet grease storage tanks
stackable tote tank
portable tank with handle and wheels