3D Point Cloud Creation



Photogrammetry is performed by taking many images of a scene from all different positions. Through triangulation specialty software has the ability to determine the exact location of each common point from the photos and translate this into a three dimensional "point cloud" CAD model. Photogrammetry is often used as a reasonable replacement for laser scanning. The same process is used indoors for large buildings. Photogrammetry can be a great tool for re-arranging large warehouses or manufacturing plants - inside or out. It is also a great construction tool. Recreating existing buildings into CAD format allowing designers a great starting point for changes and additions. There are many new and countless ways of using this cutting edge technology still being discovered in various industries each and every day


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High-Definition Drone Photography is an essential tool for photogrammetry services. BWI has an FAA licensed drone and operator with over a decade experience that can capture the hundreds of photos required to create a 3D point cloud of a specific area.

phantom 4 pro drone

set of drone images used to create point cloud 3d image