Custom Products to Assist the Manufacturing Process


aluminum manifold for material flow Every manufacturing floor requires a certain amount of storage, clamping, and workstation equipment to ensure a smooth flow of operation. For each technician to reach full productivity this often requires specialty tools and products. Custom fabrications specific to your unique situation cannot be found anywhere on the market. When the products you need simply cannot be found on Google contact BWI and possibly we can help. We have decades of experience fabricating specialty steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel equipment for a wide range of industries. This includes but is not limited to racks, carts, tables, machine bases, assembly clamps, part rotators, and custom workstations for specific industry functions.

BWI can also help in the design process. Often we can work from a sketch, an idea, and a few photographs of a similar product. We can create 3D CAD models of the tool you need for further inspection and then a prototype to test real world application. BWI will work with you every step of the way to ensure the products we build will work seamlessly to specifications. Call or email your requirement and idea to

We have been serving the following Upper Midwest industries since 1984:

Servicing Many Industries

Trucking Industries Gas & Oil Industries
Railroad Industries Logging Industries
Foodservice Distributors Paper & Plastics Mfg
Lubricants Suppliers Mining Industries
Manufacturing Plants


From the idea through production BWI can help your mine, farm, warehouse, or manufacturing plant create products that can improve operation and safety. Specialty industrial items designed and fabricated specific to your needs - such as guards, racks, tanks, specialty equipment, platforms, railings, and catwalks. Over the years BWI has provided thousands of unique industrial projects from an idea or sketch right through to the final product. Please contact us to assist with any steel, aluminum, or stainless steel specialty products required.

Manufacturing Products

Storage Tanks Ladders & Platforms
Specialty Racks Railings, Stairs, Catwalks
Access Ramps Hydraulic Attachments
Boxes & Cabinets Industrial Workstations
part handling cart rotated down
part handling cart rotated 45 degrees
part handling cart rotated up


component rotational work station on caster wheels
custom component workstation
component rotational work station on caster wheels
custom component workstation
component rotational work station on caster wheels
custom component workstation
shipping preparation cart
shipping wrap cart
bio materials spheronizing machine
bio-materials spheronizing machine
bio materials dryer tube
bio-materials dryer tube
component elevator and rotator
component elevator and rotator
odd shaped cart on caster wheels
component handling workstation
small order grocery rack
small order warehouse rack
aluminum manifold plate with 92 outlets and spill pan
materials manifold with spill pan
cart on caster wheels with long platform
motor workstation and transport
long cart with three padded stands
padded long component transport cart