Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Parts


stainless steel splash guards Specializing in mid to heavy industrial fabrication BWI can supply parts that speed up your manufacturing process. We can be the on-time production partner that allows your product completion to meet a demanding schedule. Our certified and experienced team can supply the consistent quality of components required to keep the proper flow of your manufacturing process. You can call or email your RFQ to sales@barkerswelding.com and expect quick response. Barkers Welding Inc has been providing industrial services for the upper Midwest and beyond since 1984. Our expertise includes fabrication and repair of many different types of steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel products. Our shop capabilities include welding, forming, machining, and CNC pattern cutting.

Industrial Capabilities

Experienced Certified Welders 75-Ton Iron Worker
225-Ton x 10ft Press-Brake CNC Plasma Cutting
Drilling, Milling & Machining 8ft x 3/16 Shear
CAD Drawing & Rendering 8,000 SQFT Shop Space
Forklifts & Overhead Jibs In Business Since 1984


In addition, our CAD and engineering experience allows us to create realistic models and renderings that can also be transformed into 3D printing files. With modern technologies the accuracy of prototypes can be more easily confirmed before entering the production stage. When fabrication stage is required our AWS certified welders can use their decades of experience to professionally and consistently manufacture the parts your job requires.


pattern cut parts stacked on a pallet
stack of parts, cut and punched
cut and formed parts ready for shipment
cut, formed, and punched parts
stack of parts cut formed and punched
brackets; cut, punched and formed
aluminum bushings
custom industrial aluminum bushings
hydraulic tubes
hydraulic tubes with welded retainers
angle cut on set of stainless steel pipes
pipes cut and cleaned for welding
stack of stainless steel fabricated pipe offsets
stainless steel pipe offsets
stacks of formed rebar hoops
formed rebar hoops