Fabrication and Repair


We Specialize in Aluminum Welding - Our capabilities include commercial, industrial, and residential manufacture and repair. BWI can design and fabricate custom boxes, tanks, catwalks, frames, brackets, and ramps. For the trucking industry we can repair frames, tailgates, and dump boxes. We also have decades of experience repairing fuel tanks. This includes adding fittings, patching corrosion and wear, extending tanks, shortening tanks, and splitting tanks into fuel/hydraulic dual purpose. Added, we have fabricated many aluminum catwalks, stair sections, ladders, and access platforms. Our welders have decades of aluminum welding experience.


For nearly 40 years Barkers Welding Inc has specialized in aluminum repairs. Our expert TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welders can repair a wide range of products. This includes welding and patching gouges and holes in boats or canoes. Repairing and reinforcing transom's. We have repaired hundreds of pontoons, radar arches, and boat railings. In addition we can repair aluminum mower decks, lawn furniture, and any number of other specialty items. Bring your next aluminum repair to BWI.


shovel box on fabrication table
aluminum shovel storage box
industrial aluminum truck bed
industrial aluminum truck bed
fuel tanks repaired around strap area
repaired aluminum fuel tanks
aluminum roll out gangway
specialty roll-out gangway
industrial machine table
aluminum machine base
repairs to aluminum pontoon boat
repairs to pontoon boat
industrial vacuum panel
industrial manifold panel
custom fabricated pallet for uneven surface
aluminum shipping pallet
welded aluminum structure
welded aluminum structure
rebuilt aluminum fenders
rebuilt aluminum fenders
heavy industrial storage box
custom aluminum storage box
stack of aluminum plates
aluminum shipping pallet