Custom Product Manufacturing


Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Fabrication

From the idea through production BWI can help your mine, farm, warehouse, or manufacturing plant create products that can improve operation and safety. Specialty industrial items designed and fabricated specific to your needs. Tanks, guards, railings, catwalks, platforms, storage racks and cabinets. Specialty equipment and unique commercial fabrications of most any kind. We have decades of experience with CAD design, prototyping, and OEM parts manufacturing. Unique and one-of-a-kind fabrications need to be performed by seasoned professionals who can help with the design phase as well as product culmination. Over the years BWI has provided thousands of unique industrial projects from an idea or sketch right through to the final product. Please contact us to assist with any steel, aluminum, or stainless steel specialty products required. We offer free quotations and pre-fab 3D shop drawings as required.

  • Tank Manufacture & Repair
  • Ladders and Platforms
  • Railings, Stairs, Catwalks
  • Columns, Beams, Brackets
  • Boxes and Cabinets
  • Access Ramps
  • Specialty Racks
  • Hydraulic Attachments
  • CAD Drawing & Rendering
  • Logging Industries
  • Paper & Plastics Mfg
  • Rail and Shipping
  • Food Distributors.
  • Trucking Industries
  • Mines and Plants