Specialty Industrial Products


BWI has decades of experience designing and fabricating industry specific racks, carts, tables, and various other specialty items. Product racks and carts, frames and tables for mounting and operating unique machinery, work areas, and storage shelves. Since 1984 we have manufactured thousands of specialty items our customers spanning the country have been unable to find anywhere else. We have earned our reputation of providing service, quality, and value to a diversified market demand for industrial equipment. Over our decades of service we have provided products to the logging industry, rail and trucking, food distributors, paper and plastics industries, and many diverse mines and plants. Please contact us to help with your next unique fabrication requirement.

  • Benchtop Tanks
  • Industrial Workbench
  • Specialty Racks
  • Storage Solutions
  • Warehouse Order Picker
  • Equipment Carts


shaft rack on caster wheels
material transport cart
plastics storage cart
plastics storage cart
machine base on caster wheels
machine base cart
shipping preparation cart
shipping wrap cart
small order grocery rack
small order grocery rack
folding shelf unit opened
folding shelf unit opened
folding shelf unit half open
folding shelf - half open
folding shelf unit closed
folding shelf - closed
workbench with 18 drawers
industrial workbench with locking drawers
workbench with cabinets
industrial workbench with locking cabinets
industrial cabinet for pressurized tanks
industrial cabinet for pressurized tanks
industrial cabinet for pressurized tanks - open
industrial cabinet for pressurized tanks