Hand Cart Slide Ramp


For 25 years BWI has been fabricating Dolly Slide Ramps for quick unloading with a 2-wheel handcart. Known as Slide Ramps or Speed Ramps, they are often used in the foodservice delivery industry. For drivers that need to make frequent stops unloading a few boxes at each location, the Speed Ramp is essential. At 12 feet long the Speed Ramp only weighs 55 pounds. A back saver for delivery route drivers.

Narrow and light allowing the handcart wheels to hang over the edges while the delivery person walks down the sharp traction of the aluminum grip-strut plank. Supported with two 3" aluminum channels these ramps can handle up to a half-ton load with the repetition of long-term use. Polyethylene slide rails make for quick and smooth unloading with a fully loaded cart. Special pricing for multiple unit orders - please contact BWI for a quote.

  • 12 feet long and only 55 lbs total weight - with a load capacity of 1,000 lbs!
  • Safety walkway - heavy duty aluminum grip strut with square tubing supports
  • Heavy steel hooks - hooks to apron of delivery truck or trailer
  • High density polyethylene slide rails for smooth and fast unloading of fully stacked 2 wheel hand cart