Custom Product Manufacturing








For over 30 years BWI has operated continuously as a custom metal fabricator of hundreds of different products. We serve many commercial industries throughout the Upper Midwest but also build for individuals as well. From 3D realistic renderings to the final product we can help each step along the way. Our company enjoys a reputation of service, quality and value to a diversified market demand including industrial equipment fabrications, residential products, machine components, tank manufacturing, safety stands and platforms, processing equipment and prototype work. Our well equipped fabrication shop and skills of our employees can fabricate specialty items for your unique requirements.

industrial workbench


BWI can manufacture custom tanks of most any kind. This includes rectangular, cylindrical, tapered bottom, tote tanks, double-wall, and uneven shaped tanks. For over three decades BWI has been manufacturing tanks for the fuel and lubricant industries including tank racks, tank carts, and containment pans. We have made everything from 2 gallon hydraulic tanks up to 10,000 gallon bulk storage. In addition - for the trucking industry - we have repaired, patched, or split hundreds of fuel tanks over the years. Please contact us for pricing and expertise on your text steel, aluminum, or stainless steel tank project.

  • Oil Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Gasoline Tanks
  • Grease Tanks
  • Lubricant Tanks
  • Hydraulic Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Rectangular Tanks
  • Cylindrical Tanks
  • Tapered Tanks
  • Stackable Totes
  • Bench Top Tanks
  • Tank Carts
  • Containment Pans
cylindirical tanks
stainless steel water tank
bulk tank with manhole cover



For 25 years BWI has been fabricating Dolly Slide Ramps for quick unloading with a 2-wheel handcart. 12 feet long yet only 55 pounds of lightweight aluminum, these Speed Ramps are able to handle a half ton load. Polyethylene slide rails make for quick and smooth unloading with a fully loaded cart. Special pricing for multiple unit orders - please contact BWI for a quote.

  • 12 feet long and only 55 lbs total weight - with a load capacity of 1,000 lbs!
  • Safety walkway - heavy duty aluminum grip strut with square tubing supports
  • Heavy steel hooks - hooks to apron of delivery truck or trailer
  • High density polyethylene slide rails for smooth and fast unloading of fully stacked 2 wheel hand cart
hand cart slide ramp
aluminum speed ramp


Industrial shops and manufacturing plants simply cannot get by using the workbenches currently available from retail providers. Heavy steel plate bench tops, high capacity full extension drawers, and cabinets with heavy industrial hinges and latches are a must in heavy industrial settings. BWI has fabricated a large range of industrial work stations customized for any floor's specific configuration. Contact us for pricing on workbenches that will last the lifetime of your factory.

  • Table - Heavy-Duty 1/2" thick steel table top, 5 ft x 10 ft
  • Drawers - 80#, 120#, and 200# full extension options
  • Cabinets - Heavy-Duty hinges with stainless steel hardware, locking door option
  • Shelves - Custom shelves at desired heights
  • Legs - Adjustable leveling pads
  • Customization - Customize any element of the table as required for your specific needs
table with shelf
18 drawer table
6 drawer table
6 cabinet table


BWI builds unique products for residential and commercial use. We have fabricated security gates and fences, outdoor railings, arbors and gazebos, and aluminum flotation dock systems. When the manufacturers do not have what you want - if you need a unique product that simply is not available anywhere - contact us and we may be able to help.

  • Railings
  • Security Gates
  • Window Guards
  • Aluminum Docks
  • Benches
  • Gazebos
  • Arbors
  • Garden Art
OSHA Railing
aluminum floatation dock
large steel gazebo
aluminum dock sections
aluminum security gate
security gate
custom mailbox


Aluminum Burn Pans are a specialty item fabricated for fire extinguisher service and supply companies who offer fire extinguisher training courses. The aluminum fire pan contains a stainless steel propane line designed to create an ample fire for testing purposes. The optional fuel stand includes a removable fuel pan and incline surface for creating three dimensional test fires. The aluminum and stainless steel construction creates a durable product designed for repeated use and abuse common to its purpose. Contact BWI for pricing on our Fire Extinguisher Training Pan.

  • Standard 4 ft x 3 ft Pan Size
  • Constructed From 1/8" Thick Aluminum Plate
  • 3/8" Heavy Wall Stainless Tubing
  • 3/32 'Fire Holes' Drilled Every 6"
  • Optional 3D Fire Stand
  • Fire Stand Includes Removable Fuel Pan
fire extinguisher 3D fire test pan
fire extinguisher training pan
fire extinguisher training pan
fire extinguisher training pan


Production floor assembly can often benefit from portable shelf units. Yet this storage rack between usage can be cumbersome and inconveniently in the way. Our portable rack has folding shelves which decrease its footprint by 75%. The heavy-duty shelf support brackets are designed for industrial applications. The entire unit is powder-coated steel built to handle factory use.

  • Standard Capacity 300 lbs per Shelf
  • Quick and Easy Folding / Unfolding
  • Use One or Two Sides
  • 8ft x 3ft Standard Shelf Size
  • Width, Height, Shelves Can All Be Customized
  • Heavy-Duty 4" Swivel Casters
  • Foot Operated Floor Locks