• Steel V-XT 6'6"
  • Poly Straight-Blade 6'0"

Whether it's snow removal in tight spaces or clearing trails and sidewalks, UTV plows are engineered to perform through even the worst weather conditions. BOSS full-size UTV plows are available in straight-blade and V-plow options. And because they're fully hydraulic, you don't have to mess with chains, winches or pulleys. Innovation with you in mind is how BOSS BACKS YOU UP.


High-Performance Hydraulic Package delivers reliability and speed..
Enclosed Hydraulics protects against corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up.
Full Moldboard Trip Design helps to prevent plow damage when an obstacle is encountered.
Reinforced Moldboard increases blade rigidity for increased durability.
High-Performance Cutting Edge built using a Hardox® wear plate provides extended wear resistance and comes with built-in curb guards and patented snow catcher (V-plow only).
RT3 Attachment System is simple and easy to use.
High Blade Lift Height provides superior snow-stacking.
SmartTouch® 2 Controller features an ergonomic design, large, backlit buttons and advanced technology to make the controls highly intuitive and easy to use.
Patented Snow Catcher is designed to catch snow at the plow’s pivot point, so no snow lines are left behind.
Direct Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting System (no cables or winches) provides quick response and improved reliability.

*Maximum product width. Consult product selector tool at bossplow.com for recommended applications.
SPECIFICATIONS 6’ Straight Poly 6’6” V-XT Steel
LIST PRICE (2018) $3,480 $4,285
Blade Width (Straight)/Curb Guard Width* 72" (183 cm) 78" (198 cm) / 80.25” (203.8 cm)
Blade Width (V)/Curb Guard Width* N/A 68-3/4” (175 cm) / 71-1/4” (180.9 cm)
Blade Width (Scoop)/Curb Guard Width* N/A 66-1/2” (169 cm) / 73-1/2” (186.7 cm)
Plowing Width @ 30° Angle 62-1/2” (159 cm) 72-3/8” (184 cm)
Blade Height 24-1/2” (62 cm) 25” inside to 30-1/2” outside (64 cm to 77 cm)
Blade Material 1/4” poly (0.64 cm) 14-ga Steel
Vertical Support Ribs 4 6
Trip Return Springs 2 2
Cutting Edge 1/4” x 4” (0.64 cm x 10.2 cm) 1/4” x 5” (0.64 cm x 13 cm) AR450
Plow Shoes Optional Optional
Undercarriage Sloped profile (trail-compatible) Sloped profile (trail-compatible)
Plow Lifting Hydraulic Hydraulic
Plow Angling Hydraulic Hydraulic
Hydraulic Package High-performance (comes off with the plow) High-performance (comes off with the plow)
Attachment System RT3 (SmartHitch® 2 optional) RT3 (SmartHitch® 2 optional)
Paint Finish SmartShield® SmartShield®
Controller SmartTouch® 2 SmartTouch® 2
Weight Complete 314 lb (142 kg) 400 lb (181 kg)
Tripping Mechanism Full blade trip design Full blade trip design
Warranty 2-year limited warranty 2-year limited warranty
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