Smart Touch 2 plow control Smart Touch 2 Advanced control technology combined with ergonomic control features and large backlit buttons make BOSS controls highly intuitive and easy to use. Attach the versatile SmartTouch2 Handheld Control to a pedestal mount or mount it on your dash (with or without handle).

joystick controlJoystick Control If you prefer the feel of a joystick, opt for this versatile accessory, featuring a lighted on/off switch and right or left hand adjustment.

D Force controlD-Force Controller The new D-Force controller is the same tried and trusted design of the BOSS SmartTouch 2 controller, ensuring ease of operation during the longest winter events. The red center of the controller signifies D-Force capability, allowing for increased down force to be applied during backdragging for optimal scraping performance. Available only with D-Force capable Straight-Blade truck plow models including Super-Duty and HTX Straight-Blade plows. (Excludes EXT, Heavy-Duty and Trip-Edge plows.


touch-up paint Touch-Up Paint Cover chips and scrapes the professional way with BOSS touch-up paint.

boss hydraulic fluid High-Performance Hydraulic Fluid This specially formulated hydraulic fluid maintains its viscosity from normal use to temperatures as low as -40°F.

emergency parts kits Emergency Parts Kits These kits feature the most useful replacement parts, packaged in a convenient soft-sided case that fits easily behind the seat of your truck. (Excludes 10' DXT, EXT and Heavy-Duty straight-blades.)
Plow Terminal Cleaner Kit The BOSS terminal cleaner kit cleans and restores male and female electrical plow connectors. It includes a 0.188" male/female terminal cleaner, a 0.25" male/female terminal cleaner and leather-type holster.


wing extpensions Wing Extensions Increasing your blade width by a full 22” at a 30-degree angle, these convenient ploy plow wings will cut your plowing time and attach and detach within seconds (Excludes HTX and Heavy-Duty plows. The only DXT models recommended for plow wing extensions are the 8’2” Steel DXT and 8’2” Poly DXT. Wing extensions do fit other DXT sizes and do not void the warranty but are not recommended, as the blade may sag when in the scoop position, due to the weight of the wing extensions.)

curb guard on v plow High Performance V-Plow Cutting Edge Featuring built-in curb guards and patented snow catcher, our patented V-plow cutting edge is made of Hardox that delivers extended wear resistance compared to conventional cutting edges. Curb Guards Protect the edges of your plow with these long-lasting, high-impact curb guards. Fits all BOSS Straight-Blade snowplow models (except HTX and Sport-Duty)

snow deflector Rubber Snow Deflector For Increased visibility and safety, keep snow from blowing onto your windshield with a rugged snow deflector specifically designed for BOSS snowplows.

Urethane Cutting Edges BOSS now offers urethane cutting edges to cover a wide range of straight-blade and V-plow models. Ranging from 7' all the way up to 10', the edges offer optimum scraping performance. The V-plow cutting edges feature built-in curb guards and patented snow catcher.


snowplow sight system Snowplow Sight System Optional for all BOSS snowplows featuring the SmartLight™2 lighting system, our exclusive snowplow sight system allows you to align your truck and plow from inside your cab for hookups on the first try, every time. This system makes the fastest plow attachment system even faster and easier. Not compatible with SL3 Ice Shield Technology.™


D-Force D-Force maintains consistent hydraulic down force through the use of a hydraulic accumulator to improve scraping performance while backdragging. D-Force is an optional accessory on new truck plow purchases. Available for select straight-blade truck plow models including Super-Duty, Standard-Duty and HTX straight-blade plows. (Excludes EXT, Heavy-Duty, Trip-Edge and DRAG PRO plows.)


smartlock cylinders SmartLock Cylinders Keep your V-plow locked securely in the straight position while backdragging, with these easy-to-install locking cylinders.

caster wheels Caster Wheels Ideal for moving your plow around in the garage or service bay, these wheels utilize existing shoe holders on the blade and make moving the plow a breeze. These heavy-duty wheels feature steel ball bearings for smooth movement and long-lasting life. Separate kits are available for straight-blades and V-plows. (Excludes Trip-Edge straight-blade, 10' DXT and Heavy-Duty straight-blade plows.)

shioe kit Cast-Iron Plow Shoes These ultra-rugged, cast-iron shoes deliver extended wear resistance compared to conventional steel shoes.

replacement bumper trim kit Replacement Bumper Trim kit This kit eliminates the need to cut or modify a portion of the OEM bumper to access the push beam's hooks. The kits utilize the factory mounting holes and give the plow vehicle an attractive, finished OEM look when installed. If the truck is going to be sold, the original bumper piece can be reinstalled to look like new.
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