• Steel 8'2", 9'2", 10'
  • Poly 8'2", 9'2"
  • Stainless Steel 8'2", 9'2"
BOSS DXTs are the ultimate tools to fight all things snow and ice. Dual-trip design enhances plow protection when striking obstacles in any position. Flared wings with an enhanced curl throw snow with maximum efficiency. The DXT’s multi-position plow blade can quickly and easily switch positions to move large amounts of snow. The smooth running DXT is state of the art for plowing protection, durability and performance.


Patented Dual-Trip Design for enhanced plow protection when striking hidden obstacles in any position.
SmartLight™ 3 uses 100% LED lights with an 8-10 year life expectancy and Ice Shield Technology™ to prevent snow and ice build-up.
Chainless Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting System greatly reduces bounce during transport and provides full float capability.
1/2” x 6” Long-lasting, Durable Base Angle to provide extended wear resistance and comes with built-in curb guards and patented snow catcher.
Flared Wings with enhanced curl to throw snow with maximum efficiency.
Patented Snow Catcher is designed to catch snow at the plow’s pivot point, so no snow lines are left behind.
Reinforced Moldboard increases blade rigidity for increased durability.
Heavy-Duty Push Frame and Center Section for additional strength and reliability.
High-Performance Hydraulic Package delivers reliability and speed.
Enclosed Hydraulics protects against corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up.
SmartLock Cylinders lock blades in place when backdragging.
VEHICLE APPLICATION: ¾-ton and 1-ton trucks
*Max width including curb guards. **Plow weight does not include vehicle mount weight. Vehicle mount weight range: 75-105 lb (34-48 kg).
SPECIFICATIONS 8’2”DXT Steel/Poly/Stainless 9’2”DXT Steel/Poly/Stainless 10’ DXT Steel/Heavy-Duty
Blade Width (Straight)* 98" (249 cm) 110" (279 cm) 120" (305 cm)
Blade Width (V position)* 88" (224 cm) 99" (251 cm) 107" (272 cm)
Plowing Width (Scoop)* 81”(206 cm) 92”(234 cm) 102” (259 cm)
Plowing Width @ 30° Angle 85”(216 cm) 95”(241 cm) 104”(264 cm)
Blade Height 30” (76 cm) at center; 37-1/2”(95 cm) at ends 30” (76 cm) at center; 37.5” (95 cm) at ends 35” (89 cm) at center; 45” (114 cm) at ends
Blade Thickness 11-ga Steel/3/8”(0.95cm)poly/14-ga stainless steel 11-ga Steel / 3/8”(0.95cm)Poly / 14-ga stainless steel 11-ga Steel
Cutting Edge (AR450) 1/2”x6”(1.3cmx15cm) 1/2”x6”(1.3cmx15cm) 1/2”x6”(1.3cmx15cm)
Reinforcement Ribs 6 vertical, 2 diagonal 8 vertical, 2 diagonal 8 vertical,2diagonal
Plow Shoes Optional Optional Optional
Trip Springs 4 4 4
SmartLock® Cylinders 1-1/2” x 10” (4cm x 25cm) 1-1/2” x 10” (4cm x 25cm) 2” x 10” (5.1cm x 25cm)
Lift Cylinder 2” x 1-1/8” x 10” (5 cm x 3 cm x 25 cm) 2” x 1-1/8” x 10” (5 cm x 3 cm x 25 cm) 2-1/4” x 1-1/8” x 12” (5.8 cm x 2.9 cm x 30.5 cm)
Attachment System SmartHitch® 2 SmartHitch® 2 SmartHitch® 2
Plow Weight** 868 lb (394 kg)878 lb(398 kg)/920 lb(417 kg) 925 lb (420 kg) / 935 lb (424 kg) / 977 lb (443 kg) 1205 lb (547 kg)
Plow Lights SL3 LED with Ice Shield Technology™ SL3 LED with Ice Shield Technology™ SL3 LED with Ice Shield Technology™
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